Spy Vehicle GPS tracking system

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NavKar System is offering  GPS Spy Vehicle tracking Systems in various parts of World and have gain trusts from our customers for Trackers / Tracking Devices / GPS based  Spy Vehicle Tracking System.

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Navkar Systems is associated with various branded GPS Tracking Companies from China & India. We are Importers of GPS Tracking Systems in whole world.  We are Wholesaler & Suppliers of Navkar Brand & OEM / White Labelled GPS Vehicle / Tracking Devices as well.

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Features  :

  • Live Tracking
  • Custom Geo-fencing
  • SMS / SOS
  • Theft protection of vehicle
  • Air condition Detection
  • Over-speed reporting
  • Depot Reports
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Route deviation analysis
  • Avoidance of misuse of vehicles
  • Ignition On/Off Detection
  • Spy listening in the Taxi

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