GPS Vehicle Tracker TC68

GPS Car Truck Vehicle Tracker TC68 TC68 is a plug and play Vehicle GPS Tracker with OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II) functions.

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Features of GPS Personal Tracker MT90

  • Friendly install withoutcomplicated cable
  • More accurate and faster to get signal from satellite.
  • Safe driving: Off-gas Emissions / car error alarm
  • Economical driving: fuel consumption/ fuel cost
  • Historical trace display on Google Maps
  • APP for smart phone
  • Not only report latitude and longitude, but also link for quick access to Google maps on your smart phone.
  • Dual tracking mode helps you track by GSM station while no GPS signal.
  • Monitor and manage the vehicle by historical report. It can record the data for 6 months by 3 minutes interval.
  • Help users to know the status of the vehicle well: Ignition on/off, rapid acceleration/deceleration, tampering, harsh braking, idling, RPM, speed, fuel consumption, temperature, fault code and freeze frame.

Specifications of GPS Vehicle Tracker

Items Specifications
Dimensions 69.8*51.8*31.8 mm
Input Voltage
DC 12V/1A
Back-up Battery
Power Consumption
Operating Temperature
Work Time
7 hours in power-saving mode and 1.5 hours in normal mode
2 LED Lights to show GPS, GSM and other Status
1 pc SOS, 1 pc power on/off
Internal microphone and speaker
Tremble sensor
GSM Frequency
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Chipset
GPS Sensitivity
10 meters
1 port for USB cable

More Functions

  • Tracking
    On demand, time interval, distance interval
  • Report
    Alarm, history, fault, snap shots, trip
  • OBD AlarmRapid deceleration/acceleration, RPM over speed, ignition on/off, fatigue driving, overtime rest, engine overheat, engine error, maintenance, health inspection, fault, low fuel, etc.
  • Alarm
    SOS, Geo-fence, GPS blind spot, low battery, speeding, tow, external power cut

GPS Car Truck Vehicle Tracker TC68GPS Car Truck Vehicle Tracker TC68