GPS Vehicle Tracker T1

GPS Vehicle Tracker T1 GPS Vehicle Tracker T1 is an advanced vehicle GPS Tracker which provides users with multiple functions.

Features of GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • It is suitable to public transportation and fleet management.
  • Drive ID detection and ignition control
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Take picture when alarm is triggering
  • Manage and dispatch fleet to improve efficiency
  • Message and advertisement display
  • Monitor and detect temperature of the vehicle for specific application
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • Connect with camera or RFID reader or handset or LCD display or LED display or customized accessories such as navigator, printer, G-sensor etc.
  • Not only report latitude and longitude, but also link for uick access to Google maps on your smart phone.
  • Dual tracking mode helps you track by GSM station while no GPS signal
  • Monitor and manage the vehicle by historical report. It can record the data for 6 months by 3 minutes interval.

Specifications of GPS Vehicle Tracker MVT800

Items Specifications
Dimensions 105*65*26mm
Input Voltage
DC 9V~36V/1.5A
Back-up Battery
Power Consumption
85mA standby current
Operating Temperature
Work Time
43 hours in power-saving mode and 10 hours in normal mode
2 LED Lights to show GPS, GSM and other Status
1 SOS and 1 power on/off
Motion and accelerometer sensor
GSM Frequency
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPS Chipset
GPS Sensitivity
10 meters, 2D RMS
3 Digital Inputs ( 1 positive and 2 negative )2 Analog Inputs3 Outputs1RS232 Interface (for connecting with handset/RFID reader/camera/LCD display/LED display etc.)1 USB port

More Functions

  • Tracking
    On demand, time interval, distance interval
  • Report
    Mileage, alarm, history, speed, parking, sensor, RFID, input, picture
  • Alarm
    SOS, Geo-fence, GPS blind spot, low battery, speeding, tow, GPS antenna cut, external power cut
  • OTA
    Upgrade firmware over the air

GPS Vehicle Tracker T1GPS Vehicle Tracker T1