GPS Vehicle Tracker FM5500

GPS Vehicle Tracker IndiaGPS Vehicle Tracker FM5500 is advanced terminal with GLONASS/GPS positioning and GSM connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network.

This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed. So you can track your remote objects (trucks, cars etc) quickly and easily.

In case of losing connection GPS Tracker FM5500 can store up to 150,000 records records, and once the connection is established the device will send stored data via GPRS. So you won’t lose your data (coordinates, sensors data and etc…)

Features of GPS Car Tracker

  • 2 SIM Compatibility
  • Up to 45 000 records can be stored on flash memory
  • GPS/GLONASS coordinates and I/O data acquisition
  • Real Time tracking
  • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, distance, angle, ignition and event based)
  • Sending acquired data via GPRS (TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols)
  • Smart algorithm of GPRS connections (GPRS traffic saving)
  • Operating in roaming networks (configurable GSM providers list)
  • Events on I/O detection and sending via GPRS or SMS
  • Scheduled 24 coordinates SMS sending
  • Deep Sleep mode (saving vehicle‘s accumulator)
  • Accelerometer
  • Small and easy to mount case
  • Roaming dependent operation (GPRS traffic saving in roaming zones)
  • Harsh driving detection (harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering)
  • Operation mode presets
    • Over Speeding Detection
    • Driver behavior monitoring (acceleration/breaking/cornering notification)
    • Driver identification (1-Wire® iButton ID key)

Specifications of GPS Car Tracker FM5500

LED indicator 2 Status LEDs
GSM frequency Quad-band 900/1800 MHz; 850/1900 MHz
GPRS Class10 (up to 85,6 kbps)
GSM antenna
External GSM antenna for higher sensitivity
GNSS antenna External GNSS antenna
GPS Channels 32
Tracking sensitivity -160 dBm