GPS Kids Tracker

GPS kid TrackerKeep Track of Your Child During Family Outings with This Playfully Designed Tracker

Navkar Systems Offering a range of Quality GPS Child Tracking Systems of  High Quality products like GPS Personal Tracker, GPS Child Tracker in all over India. A GPS Personal Tracker for Employees, Old Age People and Kids is a piece of equipment that is installed in an automobile.

GPS Personal Tracker Phone for Kids GK301

Kids Tracker Mobile Phone

  • It is a small size, high accuracy remote location tracking device.
  • GPS Child Tracker is made of environment-friendly materials.
  • This GPS Child Tracker is nontoxic,it applies to children of all ages
  • There is a SOS button that support emergency call.

GPS Personal Tracker | GPS Child Tracker

Kids Tracker

  • You can track your children at real time and can generate the reports as per your requirement with GPS Kid Tracker.
  • In this GPS Child Tracker only those who have the password can modify the locator parameters, this provides more security.
  • GPS Child Tracker has 3 Numbers for SOS alarm.

GPS Kids Tracker Phone GK306

GPS Child Tracker

  • This GPS Child Tracker includes Groups of special numbers for SOS emergency fast-dial for four specific numbers
  • This GPS Tracker also proivdes us location information via SMS or service platform

Waterproof GPS Personal Tracker MT90

  • GPS Kids Tracker MT90This GPS Child Tracker Smart Design and Waterproof Tracker.
  • This GPS Tracker also proivdes us feature of Switch freely between Two-way audio and Listen-in.
  • It is More accurate and faster to get signal from satellite.

Lightweight GPS Kids Tracker MH2000

  • GPS Kid TrackerGPS Kids Tracker MH2000 is an easily configurable smart tracking device combining GPS and GSM technologies.
  • This GPS Tracker also provides SMS requests, responses and configuration

Handheld GPS/GSM Tracker GH3000

GPS Child Tracker

  • A GPS Handheld Child Tracker GH3000 is a universal device for securing the current position and tracking movement.
  • It allows online monitoring via GPRS, communication via SMS, voice calls or listening.

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