GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

GPS vehicle Tracking DeviceGPS Vehicle Tracking Device has proven to reduce fuel costs.

Navkar Systems is associated with various branded GPS Tracking Companies from China & India. We are Importers of GPS Tracking Systems in whole world.  We are Wholesaler & Suppliers of Navkar Brand & OEM / White Labelled GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems as well.


A GPS Tracking System is a process in which vehicles or other objects are tracked for their exact locations and positions. We provide Car/ Lorry GPS Tracking Devices, Fuel Tracking Management Systems, GPS Bike Tracking Devices, GPS School Bus Tracking Systems and many more…..

GPS vehicle tracker

GPS Vehicle Tracker help you to:

  • Manage your Fleet
  • Secure your Taxi Assignment
  • School Transport Services
  • Provide Security and Vehicle Monitoring
  • Protection of vehicle from Theft
  • Avoidance of misuse of vehicles

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