GPS Fuel Tank Tracker

GPS Tank TrackerGPS Fuel Tank Tracking Device mainly consists of two parts such as GPS module and GSM module. GPS module is for getting location data from satellite, and GSM module is for transferring data to server so that people can check the information via PC or mobile phone. Our GPS Fuel Tank Tracker, with the best quality, stable performance and versatile functions, can be applied to various kind of Fleet management like construction Trucks, rental cars, logistics vehicles and public transportation, anti-theft system and security purpose.

Function of GPS Fuel Tank Tracker:GPS Fuel Tank Tracker

  • Real time positioning & tracking
  • Remote positioning interval
  • Exit alarm
  • Emergency alarm
  • Overspeed alarm
  • Mileage report
  • Theft  protection of vehicle
  • Air condition Detection
  • Spy listening in the car

Application of GPS Tank Tracker:

  • Vehicles, trucks, coaches, tractors, agrimotors, generators/gen-set, GPS fleet management, GPS Tracking System construction machinery and more
  • Fuel monitoring and fuel theft control
  • Online GPS-GSM/GPRS vehicle monitoring and fleet management
  • Multifunction fuel and GPS monitoring
  • Fuel tanker trucks monitoring (road tanker monitoring)
  • Fuel storage tanks remote monitoring (tank level monitoring)
  • Generator tanks remote monitoring

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