Features of GPS Software

Monitor From Anywhere:

Vehicle Tracking from any PC or Mac

Locate Vehicles at Any Time:

entire fleet on a single map.

Vehicle Tracking from any PC or Mac connected to the Internet. See your entire fleet on a single map.

Track Vehicle Routes:

Track Vehicle Routes

Mileage Reporting:

Mileage Reporting Through GPS Software

See the path your vehicles have taken to ensure employees are where they say they are and where they say they have been. Use GPS tracking to give state by state mileage reports for your GPS tracking equipped trucks.

Monitor Driving Habits:

Monitor Driving Habits through GPS Software

Validate Time-sheets:

GPS vehicle tracking systems to verify time

See the speeds your vehicles are traveling, when they are stopped and idle, and how long they spend at locations. Use GPS vehicle tracking systems to verify time spent on jobs and when workdays start and end. Just a few labor hours saved weekly results in huge jumps in profits.

Vehicle Alerts:

GPS Software Vehicle Alerts

Quick Reports:

Quick Report

Automated alerts sent to you via email or text message allow you to monitor fleet activity while away from your computer. Quick Reports allow you to create reports about Stops, Exceptions, Mileage, and more and instantly export those to Excel or print.

Custom Speed Limits:

Speed limit via GPS Software

Geographical Boundaries:

Geographical Boundaries

Allows you to set a speed limit and receive alerts when the limit is exceeded. Know when your vehicles enter or exit certain areas that you designate (GeoFences).

Vehicle Recovery:

Vehicle Recovery through GPS Tracking Software

Asset Recovery:

Asset Tracking Device


The GPS tracking device installs covertly in each vehicle and online tracking allows you to alert police of the vehicle’s location in the event of theft. Our Asset Tracking Device can be used for trailer tracking, chassis tracking, container tracking, and for use on all types of equipment.

Custom Reporting:

Custom Reports via GPS Trackers

Custom Development:

Custom application development

Custom reports provide key data points you can use to modify your business and increase your profits. Custom application development is available to meet your needs.